What would you rather hear from your local photographic studio owner/photography instructor?
“I got my first camera at Christmas, and I’ve been a professional photographer ever since”…
“I’ve been a photographer for thirty + years and I still look forward to doing something new each day” 11745747_1442006566125141_8697778603834467661_n

A new photographic studio for hire is about to open in the Newcastle region, in the Lake Macquarie suburb of Cardiff, owned by the very experienced photographer and long time photography instructor, Les Farnham, and ably assisted by the equally experienced Barry Madden.


Entering the studio complex via the double glass doors takes you into the roomy, and well appointed seminar/classroom, where Farnham’s brainchild the Newcastle Photography School holds its very comprehensive classes. For full details of the classes currently available, and those coming up go to: http://www.newcastlephotographyschool.com.au/

or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewcastlePhotographySchool?fref=ts

Adjacent to the classroom is Studio One, a very large shooting area with a selection of backdrops, (black, white, deep red, and a green screen). This area is also accessible by a large roller door, allowing cars, boats, and large props to be photographed under studio conditions.

The side walls of this studio also show a gallery of studio prints, and will be available as a gallery showroom for graduate student work on completion of the various courses.

This studio also has very high ceilings, with four individually dim-able work-lights to accommodate different photographers studio comfort levels without interfering with exposures from the photo-flash lighting.

Diagonally from studio one and behind the classroom is Studio Two, a smaller area devoted more to portrait work, passport type photography and more one to one style work.

Tucked into the corner between the two studios is a surprisingly large area for changing, preparation and make-up. Unlike many contemporary studios the comfort of the model is not merely an afterthought here, and features good clean toilet facilities, a private change room, and space for sitting and regrouping between shots. There is also a large area which is set aside for storage and changing of clothing…(clothes racks are being installed probably as I write his) and the addition of a make-up table with a large illuminated make-up mirror will delight models, make-up artists, and stylists alike.

Immediately behind the seminar room is a staircase leading to the mezzanine Studio Three, which is dedicated to macro and product photography, and is complete with a quality product table ready to shoot. This area has all the necessary studio lighting as well as a large window for natural light, allowing for more intimate, natural light portraiture as well, but Les informed me quite rightly that this only really works well during the daytime.

The mezzanine level also features a wall which can be opened up its full length to allow overhead shooting into Studio One, so no doubt many a model will be shot, reclining sensuously not only on the carpeted floor, but on thick shag rugs.

Eventually however, Studio One will be equipped with a heavy duty, moveable and granny proof overhead platform for such shots, which will add further to the versatility of the complex.

This studio complex when it opens in a few weeks time…the photography classes have been running for several weeks already, and the studios should be fully operational as soon as extra lighting equipment and backdrops on order arrive from overseas…will fill a large need by the region’s photographers for a large, well equipped, professional studio owned and run by very experienced, knowledgeable and helpful photographers who are dedicated to the improvement and development of good photography in the area.

I myself plan on using this studio as often as I can as there are no similar studios offering quite the same experience at the moment, and although it is an hour or so drive for me, the friendliness and the open sharing of knowledge gained through extensive experience by both Les and Barry alone are well worth the trip.

No doubt this studio complex will see its fair share of the candy skull and zombie brigade, but it also has the facilities and knowledge base for much more serious and professional work.

Hire of the studio is envisaged as $60 for three hour shoot.



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